VSE Aviation’s distribution quality system follows industry standards including:

  • ASA 100 (To Advisory Circular AC00-56B)
  • ATA Spec 106

VSE Aviation meets or exceeds the highest customer requirements for quality. We are committed to continuous improvement and are always examining our processes for ways to make them better.  Our Quality Manual outlines the procedures that are followed in the procurement, receiving inspection, warehouse storage, material control, outgoing inspection and shipment of all aircraft parts. These procedures safeguard the quality process and provide customer assurance of the following:

  • Receiving and Customer Shipping Inspections
  • Vendor Surveillance
  • Procurement Integrity
  • Trace to OEMs, Airlines, RO Facilities or other
  • FAA Approved Sources
  • Compliance with ATA Specification
  • Material Certification
  • Document Control and Record Keeping
  • Self-Audit and Corrective Actions
  • Employee Training

Export Compliance

VSE Aviation is committed to protecting national security and foreign policy interests by complying with all United States export, import and trade compliance laws and regulations, as well as the laws and regulations of destination countries. These domestic and foreign laws and regulations include, but are not limited to, activities associated with: embargoes, trade sanctions, country of origin marking, anti-boycott laws, anti-bribery (such as the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act), anti-corruption or money laundering.

To adhere to applicable laws, VSE Aviation has an export compliance team in place that performs due diligence by:

  • Screening all parties involved in the export of goods, as well as, making sure there are no embargoes or sanctions on the destination country
  • Determining export licensing requirements
  • Checking for restrictions/prohibitions on importing product to the destination country
  • Checking if an import license is required by product / destination country

While all staff attends annual training and has a broad understanding of U.S. export control laws and regulations, three of our team members have earned export compliance professional accreditation, an achievement made possible only through a deep knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. These individuals are responsible for our export control processes and are available to assist customers with any export related questions associated with specific purchase orders.

Typically, the parts, components, accessories, and attachments we offer are classified EAR99 or ECCN 9A991.d and do not require a license for export, except to embargoed or sanctioned destinations. (For a current list of embargoed and sanctioned destinations go to https://www.bis.doc.gov/index.php). Some of our parts, components, accessories, and attachments are classified under ECCN’s 9A610.x, 9A610.y, 9A619.x and 9A619.y, and a license for export may be required. Customers placing purchase orders for material classified under ECCN’s 9A610.x, 9A610.y, 9A619.x and 9A619.y will be properly notified by a member of our compliance team who will work with you to determine licensing requirements and/or the applicability of a license exception.

Our commitment to export compliance and to utilizing best practices in every transaction, is another way of delivering on our promise to provide customers with only the very highest level of service.

Please note, the information set forth above is provided for general reference purposes only. Please visit the websites listed below and/or contact BIS for complete details on U.S. export control and licensing requirements.