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Air Parts & Supply Company (APSCO) specializes in the distribution of aircraft ignition and fuel control parts for turbine engines.

59 Years
1959 - 2018
APSCO, leading the way in the supply of aircraft ignition and fuel control parts to the aerospace industry since 1959


Unison Ignition parts on sale now for industrial gas turbine engines.

Unison ignition products for Siemens Energy (Turbomachinery) Model: SGT-100, SGT-200, SGT-300 & SGT-400 series gas turbines
Siemens PN Unison PN Description Cond UOM Qty Unit Price
64/07001493/1 9060040-1 EXCITER, SINGLE CHANNEL FN EA 10 $2360.00 US
64/07001493/2 9060040-2 EXCITER, IGNITION FN EA 3 $2360.00 US
  • * Unit Price in US Dollars
  • ** F.O.B. APSCO Warehouse, Miami, FL - United States


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