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Air Parts & Supply Company (APSCO) specializes in the distribution of aircraft ignition and fuel control parts for turbine engines.

59 Years
1959 - 2018
Factory Authorized Distributor for Honeywell International, APC/Skurka Aerospace, & The BG Service Company

APSCO Products & Services

The APSCO sales staff has extensive product knowledge and is always available to answer questions, or assist you with all of our product lines.   If you are unable to find the part you're looking for, please contact our sales department and they will be glad to assist you in obtaining the part.  If we don't have the part you're looking for, we can usually get it.

Aircraft Parts (Turbine Engine Parts)

APSCO is ISO 9001:2008 certified and is a Factory Authorized Distributor for Honeywell International, APC/Skurka Aerospace, and Ontic Engineering and Manufacturing.   We stock the following parts:

  • New ignition components, such as Ignition Exciter, Ignition Lead, Igniter Plug, PCCU - Unit, Engine Designated Alternator (Stator & Rotor), Switches, Spare Parts, Ignition Lead and Exciter Overhaul Kits, etc., from Unison Industries for use on a variety of turbine engines.
  • A wide range of Honeywell fuel control spare parts for turbine engines.
  • APC starter generators and spare parts from Skurka Aerospace
  • We have also added the Ontic (former Hamilton Sundstrand) line of PT6A/JT15D fuel pump aftermarket spares.

Product Availability – 99% of purchase orders ship same day

APSCO stocks the parts you need, when you need them.  We combine years of experience with the latest technology to track and expertly forecast part usage.  We offer ‘just-in-time’ delivery to allow customers to meet inventory reduction goals without encountering part delays.  Keeping too much inventory is expensive.  Depend on APSCO to reliably get the parts to you just before you need them.

Overhaul/Repair Services

We've contracted with some of the finest MRO’s for the overhaul of company owned and brokered repairs of ignition exciters, ignition leads, wiring harnesses, alternator stators, and rotors.  We provide quality overhauls at the most competitive prices and carefully monitor the cost of parts required for each repair order.  APSCO applies the product knowledge, reliability, and service you depend on.

Power Generation Gas Turbine & Industrial Steam Boiler Parts

We also stock ignition products, such as ignition exciters, ignition leads, igniter plugs, and sensors, for use on gas turbine engines and industrial steam boilers for the power generation industry.  APSCO is a "Factory Authorized Distributor" of industrial ignition products for The BG Service Company. APSCO provides ignition product support for the following gas turbine engines and boilers:

  • GE - LMS100, LM1600, LM2500+, LM5000, LM6000, and Frame 5/6/7/9
  • Pratt & Whitney - GG4/FT4 and GG8/FT8 Series
  • Rolls-Royce - RB211DLE, Trent 800 (Industrial)
  • Rolls-Royce (Allison) - Model 501K, 570K, 571K, & 601K Industrial Gas Turbine
  • Capstone - C30, C65, and C200
  • Siemens (Westinghouse) - CW191, CW251, CW351, and W501 Series
  • Siemens - (Turbomachinery UK) Ltd. SGT-100 Series, SGT-200 Series, SGT-300 Series, SGT-400 Series
  • SOLAR - Various Model Gas Turbines
  • Alstom Power USA - Various Utility Boilers
  • BHEL India - Various Utility Boilers

Price Lists

Our aircraft parts & repair service price lists are available for download in PDF format on the Downloads page of the website.


Turbine Engine Parts

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